I.C.I Projects India Private Limited, established in 2009, A Team of Technical and Management Professionals headed by R.Jeyamohan to leverage the experience gained in designing and executing several programs for development of SMEs on cluster-based approach, in particular, Integrated Processing, Textile and Apparel Parks, Common Facility Centres for clusters , Affordable Housing for Textile sector workers.


Don’t Just Do... Do for Change... Change for Good...Good for All.

Volatile Market and Changing trend create challenges...
Through our Insight, Synergy and Harmony with working partners, clients...
we ask better questions... to find better solutions and help to build a better world.


Environment Management

Guiding and assisting various industries in their sustainable development in a comprehensive, systematic, planned and documented manner. Some of our services are Environment (...)

Planning & Architectural designs

Concept drawings, Master planning & Architectural designs for Textile Parks, Commercial , Industrial projects such as construction of large businesses and new developments (...)

Project Management

Our project management process has been refined through experience and adept at tailoring the level of project controls to match the unique nature of each project (...)

Banking & Financial Services

We develop value-creating solutions, based on our wide reach, financial expertise, and extensive research capabilities. We help in providing support for formulating Bankable business strategies and executing them in a feasible way (...)

Detail Engineering & Vendor Analysis

Detail engineering includes the extraction of all the essential information from all the basic engineering drawings and calculations to provide the exact drawings for estimation and execution (...)

Procurement & Contract Management

Procurement is act of acquiring, buying goods, services or works from external source. Contract management is management of contracts made with other staker holders of the Project (...)